Friday, October 22, 2010


Do you notice anything wrong with these mums?PA210018

Here’s another look … PA210019



Me either. I think they are beautiful. However, when I bought them, I got a $5 discount! I find the story cute – the lady selling the mums quoted us one price and when I started to pay her, she said “ope no – I think the one side is white flowers, so I’ll give it to you for less”. Now, that’s driving a hard bargain, right there! I did appreciate her honesty and integrity, however, as the flowers weren’t as she thought they should be.

I like them just the way they are and actually like the variety that the white adds :)


  1. There is such a thing as white mums. That was a little family project we did a few years while growing up....planted mums/raised them & sold them in the fall. We had all colors...including white! Still one of my fav flowers to this day! Enjoy that bargain of yours! They're beautiful!!
    ~Heidi W

  2. My husband got me a white mum plant a few weeks ago and I noticed this week that purple blossoms are growing on the one side. I was so surprised.

    Aren't you glad you didn't have to pay per color? Enjoy!

  3. They are so pretty, Shirley. I love the different colors. Looks like they were supposed to be planted that way.


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