Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catch up

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During the week of the We Care crusade, Grace (one of our friends from PA) was down with her husband, Steve and the rest of the men. She spent time in the women’s work release in Birmingham ministering to the ladies there. But part of Tuesday, she spent with me and the kids! We had a great time catching up and touring around our area a little – which included a stop at Noccalula Falls. We saw a large number of turkey when we went for a walk around the campground area.

P1260022 P1260024

The kids and I joined the men for supper one evening – that is always a fun time for us.


Most of the group. Troy was kind and scooped up Savannah for a few minutes. He is married to John’s sweet cousin and was also a huge help with the framing crew in March.

House update: We’ve been busy!

P2020030 P2020031

Here is the master bedroom finished – the color is a warm milk chocolate color – yum!! I took a picture with the scaffolding still up to show you the fun I was having :) The picture on your right is the study off the master bedroom – it is a very inviting reddish chocolate color. Note: I did not choose the colors, but I obviously agreed and like them!


Master shower is finished with the tile. Now, we just need the glass panels and doors.


The final painting challenge – the tower! John snapped this of me painting the ceiling. I snapped the next one to show you what I see if I peek over the edge of the plywood! It’s a long way down, but John has made me such of a sturdy platform, this has honestly been one of the easiest ceilings I have done. We are doing it half at a time in order to minimize moving the scaffolding (for obvious reasons).

And, here is what John has been up to!!!


The pantry is finished!

And, if I can brag on my hubby a bit … he made the upper doors himself!! And FAST – we picked up the supplies last weekend and they are cut, assembled, caulked, sanded, painted and hung by Wednesday! I think they turned out super!

Behind the 4 doors to the left side (above and below) are wire mesh shelving. The big door on the right is a heated coat closet – hee! That was an unexpected bonus. The refrigerator recesses into the wall there in order to keep a nice walkway between the fridge and the island on the other side. From the front, you can’t tell – the fridge just aligns with the cabinets. So, in this closet, the fridge warms up the coats. Isn’t that neat?

The wall you see on the left hand side is the outer wall of the 1/2 bath. The orange thing on the ceiling is the smoke detector – they all have plastic covers on them right now, because they are sensitive to dust.

We keep saying “we’re getting there” and each step is bringing us closer and closer.


  1. Your house reminds me of the quote by Dwight L. Moody I put on my blog the other day, "If God be your partner make your plans LARGE."

    You have!!

  2. So cool! That John is one handy guy. Those upper doors look GREAT that he made.

    That one picture is really up there are a brave one for sure. I bet you're getting excited that the painting is coming to an end. :)

  3. It is looking great Shirley! If I was closer I'd pop over for a visit! You are doing an excellent job paintingf! Love the colors!!!

  4. Hi Shirley,
    WOW!!! The house looking GREAT!! And John, you're becoming an all rounded " Handy Man ".The Pantry looks TERRIFIC!! I don't know how you come up with all your colors. But, they all give the house a warm and welcoming feeling. I'd love to come down and see it.
    Love to all,
    (Lucy Guzzi)

  5. I love the colors you've chosen! I can tell you I would not be painting the thank you!

    I also love the pantry

  6. Wow, you guys are doing a great job. Love the pantry doors, and the shower (WOWIE!!!), and your painting looks great.
    Keep up the good work!

    (funny word verification for me: simba)


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