Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All hands on deck …

Update: I can't believe I forgot to tell you (except that I had a child hovering waiting for me to finish the post so they could use the pc :) ... about the railings. It was a very big blessing and I want to give credit where it is due. While at HD last week trying to order the balusters for the deck, I was waiting at the pro desk while another customer was being waited on. Another HD person walked up and asked if she could help me and I explained that I was waiting to order balusters as I showed her the one in my hand. To make a long story short, she told me they had some on clearance that had been returned and proceeded to show them to me. After talking with John on the phone and agreeing to purchase them, I told her that I didn't need as many as she had. In order to get rid of them, she reduced the price even more and I was able to get the whole bunch for less than half of the original cost!! Thank you, Lord, for this serendipity!

Jeff was back down this past week to help us on our big deck – he was a huge help! Here are some pictures from the week.


Jeff and John securing the floor joists. It was COLD!!



Working on finishing up the deck boards.


The kids helped with putting the “doo-hickeys” together – these were for the rail balusters top and bottom.


Jeff finishing up the deck boards and John starting on the railings.


The sun is starting to come back around – whoo hoo!


Ta-da! It’s completed. They ran the deck boards on a diagonal for strength and also to minimize the number of seams. It turned out great!


Here is a shot of the deck and the house together. At night, it looks like a nice outdoor eating space. We are looking forward to a little warmer weather to be able to enjoy it.


Next up: final stair treads. Here are the bottom sides while they are drying.


  1. Oh Shirley!!!
    I absolutely (((heart))) the drystack under the deck floor joists in the top picture. We are doing a little bit of drystack on the front of our house.
    Love the study in Pepsi cans. Classic! 10 yrs from now you'll look back on that photo, and go, "Wow, I cna't believe Pepsi cans looked like that!"
    And I'm so glad they guys went diagonal with the boards for the deck. It gives it a really unique look.
    Everything is looking so nice.
    ...one step at a time. :-)


  2. Wow, Shirley, everything looks awesome!!!

    Was laughing at your previous post - what will you blog about after the house is finished? ;) Oh, I'm sure you'll come up with something!!!!

  3. It looks simply gorgeous!!! Those boys do nice work! Love the diagonal deck boards. Oh, and the railings/posts or whatever you call them are beautiful! Wee-ha!!!

  4. That is a serendipity! I love good deals!


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