Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stair progress

The current major task at the house is stairs – treads, railings, Jefferson stairs (alternating treads), etc.


Here are John and the stair guy attaching the final stringers. Doesn’t look that bad until you consider they are about 35 feet off the ground (in the middle of the stairwell).

Look who is up helping – this is the highest landing and she just likes to be with us :)


Stringers installed.


View from the bottom looking up with the treads in place.


View looking down from the very top (some rail and posts still need installed near the bottom).


Hard to see, but the railings are installed here, too. John and the stair guy decided to make the railings go tread to ceiling to make someone feel more secure when climbing up or down.


Down at the basement level, we are covering the final concrete with brick. It is looking really good, but it is messy! Can’t wait for this to all be finished in here because we currently are without stairs and have to use the ladder between these two floors. Soon …

Want to hear a cute doggie story? At bedtime, we have been lifting the dogs from the entryway to the basement level. They don’t really like it because it pushes them out of their comfort zone. However, after 2 times practically dragging them over the abyss, Lilly has decided that she can trust me. It’s really rather sweet. When she knows it is time to come down, she walks off onto my shoulders and I lower her down. I should have John video it :)


  1. Oh my goodness! That first picture was such a trip! WOW!!! The stair pictures are really cool. Reminds me of a lighthouse. Are you going to have a light on the top?? :)

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  4. I got dizzy just looking at the pictures!! How beautiful it is all turning out to be!!

  5. I have removed a couple of your comments to protect your privacy. Hugs!


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