Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Care Summer Read-a-thon

Note: This is a shameless plug for my kiddos :)

Savannah and Hadden are participating in the We Care Program Read-a-thon. They are reading for the month of July and are looking for sponsors. All proceeds benefit the prison ministry of We Care Program.

Savannah has a goal of 30 books. Hadden has a goal of 10 books.

If you wish to sponsor them, you can do so per page, per book, or by donation and let me know in a comment.



  1. Shameless, absolutely shameless! heehee

    We'll be sponsors - let us know how you'd like us to get the money to you.

    What awesome goals Savannah and Hadden!!!!!

  2. Oh, I would love to help a little bit. These are such wonderful goals. You go Savannah & Hadden!!!!

  3. Read away kids...reading more is a great goal to work towards! Good luck to you both!


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