Thursday, July 17, 2008

Amusings abound

Yesterday, out of the blue, Hadden asked me

H: "Mom, do you have to be pretty to go to Hawaii?"

Me: "No. Why do you ask that?"

H: "Well, do boys go there? Could I go there? Do you have to be cool?" (i.e. boys are not pretty, but I would like to go)

Me: "Well, yes, boys do go there. And of course you can go ... you are cool!"

H: (without missing a beat) "No, I'm not, Mom. I'm funny!" (guess you can't be both)


  1. well it is a funny story :o)


  2. The minds of kids are precious...who knows just how they come up with their thought process'!

  3. How cute and honest to share his inner thoughts like that,


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