Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kids funnies

On our return trip from the beach, I was beat and trying to take a nap in the front seat while John drove. Just about the time I drifted off to sleep, I feel a persistent tap on my shoulder from the back of the truck.

Hadden said, "Mom, I took a nap in the truck, too."

Are you kidding me? He woke me up to tell me that?

"Nice, Hadden"

Yesterday, Savannah was recounting a story to me about someone with We Care. She told me his name and I wasn't sure who he was, so I asked her if he was older. Then, realizing that she might compare him to herself, I asked if he was older than Daddy.

"Oh, yes, Mom - waaayyyy older than Daddy. He might even be older than you."

Yikes!!! How much older than Daddy does she think I am?
I just had to laugh - my only other option was to cry :)


  1. I love the simplicity of kids. They just say it how it comes and do it how it comes. Not much thought inbetween. The funny thing is they don't mean anything by it...they think it and out if comes!

  2. Shirley- Those are so funny!! Thanks for sharing. Actually, thanks for remembering them and then for sharing them. Pretty good for an old lady! Ha! Love ya, Andrea

  3. Ha...what a funny story! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day, Shirley. If you need a new bowl, you know where to get it! :)


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