Monday, June 9, 2008

Part 2 - More discoveries

By far, the most exciting discovery so far is the hummingbird(s)! John saw one last Wednesday morning, so the kids and I went and bought a feeder that very day. We have a faithful little fella who visits and is actually quite brave. He sometimes does a 'buzz-by" first before he decides if it is safe to come for a meal. I have been patiently (somewhat) waiting to capture a picture of him, and this is the best I could do (so far)!

On the opposite end of the excitement spectrum ... we have seen a couple of these - alive this time. John has yet to see one (praise the Lord!), but Savannah spotted this one crawling from under a rock. He then crawled under the log pile ... not real exciting for him to be there, either. The next morning, I went for a hike on our trail and almost stepped on another one just like him. We were hoping the dogs would be a great help for us ... sniffing out the snakes ... giving us good warning ... NOT! Both dogs (actually 4 total, because we have new neighbor doggie friends up here) walked right past/over the snake. I almost stepped on the snake, but saw it in time and quickly backed away. Then, Lilly came back to see what was taking me so long and walked over the snake again. So much for them giving us any warning!

OK - back to some nice discoveries ... I found some blueberry bushes with some very cute blueberries on them. I am hoping that I can find more because Savannah absolutely loves blueberries.

These cool plants are some kind of cactus variety (I'll have to actually take some time and look them up). The flowers are really beautiful - there is a little closer picture below ...

And, we have tons of dewberries. I had never heard of them, but they are very similar to a blackberry. The kids like them and they really enjoy picking them - bonus! I am hoping to make some jam out of them. We don't like the seeds as much, so I am going to try to strain them out - I'll let you know how it goes :)

The kids and I used our strawberry baskets to pick them - glad to get more use out of the baskets :)

Finally ... what happened to our view??? It was so foggy a couple of mornings that we could hardly see past the log pile.

It's amazing to watch how things change and I am sure I will be making lots more discoveries as time goes on. Hopefuly, less of the no-legged critters, however :) Needless to say, I have been walking on a different trail these last few days - at least until I have a chance to take the weed wacker (sp?) along the trail to get rid of the tall grasses!

Hope all is well in your home!


  1. We have hummingbirds and feeder and love them. It amazes me how they fight!! Oh, I don't like snakes. I think the cactus you showed is a Yucca. It is NM state flower and I'm from NM. I thought they were just a desert plant but!!!! The berries look so yummy and what a basket full. Mickey & I were thrilled with our 10 strawverries!!!

  2. Yes, we did pass, not in the night :o) !!, but in mid blog!! I think there is a big difference in being negative and whiney and being authentic and saying "I'm really hurting about......". Just my thoughts.

  3. Hi Shirley,
    You are bravely learning this new area and it's critters! I myself also like my critters to have legs! These snakes must not be poisonous? I hope not! Part of my husbands business includes logging so I am sure he would love that log pile! Do you know what kind of logs they are?
    Your berries do look a lot like blackberries. Do they taste similar? Let me know how your jam turns out. I can't wait to get up and going on my jam making. It is so hard to enjoy the store bought jams and jellies..I have become a bit spoiled I guess!
    I love humming birds..and they are very hard to get a picture of! You did great with the one you got!
    When I hang my laundry on my porch line I will get buzzed by one trying to get to the feeding hang nearby...they are quite loud.
    Wishing you a nice day ahead!

  4. Hey Shirley! Thanks for your comments on my blog...

  5. Love it all but the snake. I pulled back from monitor just looking at the thing! Yikes.

    Your area looks simply fabulous amidst God's nature. I enjoyed visiting your blog again,

  6. I love all the critters! And I am in with the rest that I hope the snake isn't poisonous!

    I liked your comment on Ross's Cottage about strongholds.


    Good to see things are moving along!

  7. shirley, this is my first time visiting your blog. Looks like life is a wonderful adventure for you. I'm pretty sure that cats would be much better at taking care of the sn---s. I don't like them!


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