Monday, June 30, 2008

More summer fun

How is your summer going? I hope you are able to stop and enjoy some relaxing, lazy days this summer! We are doing a little bit of that, but we are also keeping fairly busy with various activities, working on the house, hiking, learning to bike and various other activities that fill our days.

Last Monday, we had some friends from PA visiting. We had a wondeful time together, enjoying getting caught up. Our kids were thrilled to see their "buddies". Our friends were so sweet to bring us treats from the north - my favorite being the Turkey Hill Lemonade! YUM - best ever! We also had shoo-fly pie, whoopie pies, scrapple (for John), and they also brought special little treats for the kids. It is great to have visitors! If you talk with them before I do ... the hike wasn't that bad :) We had really intended on it being just a short hike ... really!

We wrapped up the summer reading program at the library. Both kids did a great job reading books - we were very proud of them. Savannah also got 2nd place in her age range and earned a cute t-shirt (she is wearing it in the picture below).

Lilly ... oh, the Lillers as I like to call her. Yesterday morning, before church, she came in looking like this - it is kind of hard to see in the picture, but her whole nose was swelled up. So much so that she couldn't lay her poor little head down or bark! She looked really funny, so of course I wanted to take a picture. John suggested that I give her the Benadryl before taking her picture :) I did. She is fine today - ready to go for a walk first thing and letting everyone know it. We aren't exactly sure what bit her, but there was a single little hole on the top of her nose.

Update on the house progress - it goes pretty slowly with just the four of us and the heat. But, we are making progress. We have the footer dug finally - we hit some mean rocks in the front part of the house which gave us trouble, but we managed to chip them out.

Right now, we are working on the forms for the footer. We have probably about 1/2 the distance finished, but are hoping that we did the hardest part first and the rest shouldn't take as long. Lord willing, we will pour footer this week. Here's a picture of the house site.

We have also been thoroughly enjoying the sunsets. Each night, the Lord displays His splendor through the beauty of a sunset. We stand in awe in the uniqueness of each one. A couple of weeks ago, we were able to witness an incredible thunder head cloud from a distance - it was awesome to watch the lightning over and over again in this enormous cloud.

We are also looking forward to our upcoming Staff meeting in Atmore. We are planning on going for the weekend and enjoying some Florida beach time. Now, there's that relaxing that I'm talkin' about!!

Blessings in your journey!


  1. You seem to be very good at balancing work and fun together. I'm not so good at that sometimes. When I have a lot to do it's hard for me to set it aside and relax as I should. I admire that trait:o)

  2. I know those people!! :)

    How great that you got some visitors - you put them to work, didn't you? ;-)

    Now, about that stone...I wish we could help!

    I have been noticing more of the sunsets here too - but I don't have near the beautiful view you do. Thanks for sharing them!!


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