Saturday, June 7, 2008

Part 1 - Moving Day

We finally have internet access at our camper!! Very exciting! So much has happened since we moved, that I thought I would update in small chunks, because small chunks of time are easier to find :)

We are thankful for all of your prayers! The Lord made a smooth path for us to travel.

In order to feel somewhat confident that our truck would pull our trailer up our hill, we packed up all of our belongings and hauled them up separately. Here is a picture of our old location with the truck ready to take a trip. We called ourselves the "Clampett's".

Here is a cute little friend who was living under our temporary deck. There was a mother and two little babies - cute as a button.

Pulling away!

The dogs were part of the packing - we took them up to the property first and left them in their crates while we ran back after the trailer. They weren't too sure about being left behind.

After 9 months, home at last! Even though we are still in the camper, it is great to be home.
On a funny note, 7 years ago - also on Memorial Day weekend - we moved ... into this house ...


  1. I admire you guys so very much for following what God has placed on your heart and where He is leading you. What a beautiful spot. So glad you are back on line!!!!

  2. God has a sense of humor, doesn't he?!! Thanks for sharing your journey w/ us! It's interesting to watch & see your optimistic outlook on 'everything!' Do you ever have a bad day?!! Your testimony is amazing & I have always admired you both! Hope all continues to go smoothly for you! Thinking & praying for you!
    Love ya...Heidi

  3. Hi Shirley great to see you back!
    You made it and you are settling in...good job Kurtz's! Now the next phase of your adventure begins. Are you using your washer and dryer yet? Did you ever think that using a washer and dryer at your own place could be so exciting...regular laundromatte trips do that for you. By the way how do you spell laundromatte? I have never had it as a spelling word or given it as a spelling word. You guys are coming along with each step. Continued blessings on your journey!


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