Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


  1. They are so cute and precious.

  2. Hi Shirley,
    These two are so precious! I love their smiles! I would love to be able to smell the honey suckle bushes at your house. Honey suckle reminds me of Winnie the Pooh. He says, "I wasn't going to eat them, I was just going to taste them." The origional Winnie the Pooh Movies are my some of my favorite kids movies. Your property has some beautiful spots on it. The rocks the flowers. I am glad you get out and go for walks on it. You need to while doing this building project. Spring can be so peaceful for walks. Everything so fresh and newely grown.
    Continued joy for the journey and blessings...Kim

  3. This is a great picture!!

  4. Your 2 are absoulutely DARLING!! They are precious!


  5. Hi there,
    2 months ago my oldest daughter and myself were so fortunate to find another great deal at a local store. My daughter has a new job working at a grocery store and needed a certain kind of pants. We had a 40% off coupon for one clothing item. The pants we found were origionally $35 that day they were on sale for $29. With our coupon we were going to get to pay under $20 for them. When we got to the check out and paid, our bill seemed very low. I checked the receipt and we were charged $3 total for the pants. My daughter and I took them to customer service and said we thought we were undercharged for the pants. Of course they then looked at us funny. The lady at the customer service desk called a manager to check the receipt and she looked at it and said that they were marked down more then we realized but the sign was not posted yet. She said our receipt was correct. My daughter and I were just so thankful. We did not have much money to start with and now she had brand new work pants for $3. It is so nice when things can work out like that. Sales, good deals, yard sales and 2nd stores all add together to help us to have what we need. I hope your rain clears up soon. Although no drought is a good consequence of lots of rain!
    Is your electricity on yet? Some where in a box is a picture of me flipping our light switch for the first time when we hooked up our electricity. That moment felt so good! I'm all smiles in it!
    Have a great Friday and also weekend ahead.


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