Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What I like about laundry ???

As my time to do laundry at a laundro-mat soon comes to an end (hopefully), I was trying to have a better attitude while doing laundry yesterday.

Since we have been doing laundry "out" the entire time we have been in AL, I have figured out the cleaning crew schedule and try to go after they have cleaned (for obvious reasons). However, yesterday, we arrived before the cleaning crew and the kids were thrilled to find "treasures" in the trash left on the floor. They each found 2 pennies, an "eye" ball super ball from the vending machine and a pop top. We were collecting pop tops for Ms Sherry and after she became sick, pop tops were our reminder to pray for her. Now, when we find them, we pray for Mr. Al and the family.

OK - let's get to things to like about doing laundry "out":
  1. Getting the laundry all done in one day. Can't beat that, even though it is an all day chore.
  2. The joy of time spent with the kiddos. On nice days, we go to a nearby park while the clothes are washing.
  3. Watching the kids enjoy it. This one still amazes me - they actually want to go do laundry with me and are upset if I don't take them. I guess the "treasures" are worth it to them.
  4. Catching up on all of my state quarters! We have been collecting 4 of each state quarter and I have been able to find those few that we were missing. I also was able to help my sister with her collection :)
  5. Meeting interesting people - some very nice, some very interesting!
  6. Finding many dimes in the dryers. OK - so I not quite sure if it was multiple dimes, OR just the same dime that I would put in my pocket ... forget to take out ... and find again the next week. :)
  7. Playing the ABC game IN the laundry mat. Thankfully, the signs are also in Spanish, so we were able to find some of those obscure letters like q. The day we played there was a very nice lady who had just as much fun as we did "helping" the kids find them.
  8. The washers use less detergent...
  9. Memories like this ... the laundry mat has vending machines for kids - where you put in a quarter, and out pops a treasure in a little plastic bubble with a top. When the owners first put the machines in, the kids found a couple of the packages on the floor - instant "treasures". Hadden was playing with his, tossing it in the air and trying to catch it. Pretty soon, it fell between the machines where I could not reach it. He was devastated and in a whimpery voice asked "can we buy another one, Mom? .... I'll throw the toy away"! I thought that was really cute.
OK - that is more than I thought I would find, but I think it is good for me to remember to be thankful in all things!

Colossians2:6-7 So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

What are you thankful for today?



  1. I am feeling sorry for myself today...so I needed to read your post! Thanks for giving me some perspective! And truth!


  2. I'm especially thankful for the beautiful, sunny weather today (it has been raining the past few days)!

  3. Shirley I got your comment about the prayer blog but I don't see anywhere on your blog to e-mail you and the comment only goes to a noreply address. Would you please send me your email address to msej@valornet.com/


  4. I'm thankful for family and for things God has laid on both mine and T's hearts!! :-) And the joy of seeing it begin!

    Hadden is such a little dear!

  5. Hi Shirley,
    I am finding we have a lot in common! I too made one of my blessings at the laundry mat be finding the State Quarters. I can tell you that one big blessing about a continuous run of using a laundry mat is that when you do finally have a washer and dryer of your own your thankfulness remains for a long long time. My hardest laundry mat day was being pregnant having a special needs daughter running around along with 2 other kids and trying to get all the washers loaded. I did it but that was one of my head check days! It is one I remember well when I am thanking God for having my machine going now! Thank you Jesus!
    the thankful side is always where we need to keep our heads..easier said then done for sure! Thank you for you comments on my dandelion poem...I too wonder just when do we change over and become the adults we are leaving behind our child like thoughts! I am glad God put it in the bible for us with Jesus inviting the children to him. He was really trying to tell us adults something there for sure!
    Have a nice day today.


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