Sunday, May 8, 2011

What is going on?

First of all – any guesses to what John is doing? He appears to be driving our house – what is going on? This was his birthday project. Happy Birthday, honey!


Next – a little bird flew into some of our glass and was stunned for a few minutes - long enough to let Hadden get close to him and for me to snap a few pictures. He recovered enough to fly off and in the process, collided with a bumblebee :) Should have snapped a picture of that little fella in his stunned state, too. Rough day for the poor bird.




So … here is what he was up to … still confused? Well, he modified the tv mount to be able to turn the tv vertically – isn’t that cool? Then, he can hook up his laptop and voila! He used the mechanics for a lazy susan, two pieces of wood, 8 bolts, washers and nuts to turn the articulating arm into a rotating articulating arm. I think he’s pretty smart - he was also kind enough to wear one of his work shirts while he was working :)

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  1. I'm so glad the birdie was okay...that would have been comical to see it colliding with a bumble bee...

    Oh, and that wall mounted tv to use as a laptop monitor is way cool! :)


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