Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visit from my sister and Mom

One of my sisters, Teresa, had planned a visit to come and see me. Her dear boys had given her a trip to come visit as her Christmas present (thanks, boys!!!). I was delighted as it was also a gift to me! What I didn’t know, or even have the slightest idea, was that they were plotting to surprise me by having my Mom come along! Well, they pulled it off – I was very surprised and so excited! I’m pretty sure everyone in the B’ham airport heard my excitement :)

We toured some sights in downtown B’ham – 16th street Baptist church, Sloss Furnace, Botanical Gardens as well as just driving around some.


On the “Freedom Walk”. At the 16th St Baptist Church.


Thought it was kind of neat that the kids’ shirts blended into the carpet. At the Botanical Gardens.


Rainy, drizzly day at the Sloss Furnaces.


Noccalula Falls stop. These big pipes have been at the campground since we were staying there. Not sure what the plan is for them. We also toured tornado damaged areas and John put his name in for volunteering for the rebuilding phase.

We spent an afternoon at the Christian Service Mission sorting and boxing cleaning supplies for disaster relief. It was absolutely amazing to see the amount of items being donated and going out in the day that we were there – even two weeks after the storm had hit.


Trying to get a wider shot of the warehouse.


We also went on a hike to our other ridge to see the fallen trees and damage.


John balancing on a log. We also managed to fit in some ping-pong playing and a mini-tournament. Teresa won, but I'm ready for a rematch :) Hadden won second and they both received prizes that Savannah had made.


Congrats to Teresa and Hadden! Thanks for the visit, Aunt Teresa and Grandma! Come again soon! The rest of our family and friends are also VERY welcome to visit us, too :)

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  1. I'm so glad you got to see Teresa AND your Mom! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

    So cool that you guys volunteered as well for the disaster relief!


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