Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Solution to shredded trampoline net

You will probably laugh, because this is a little bit redneck :) Remember this post? Well, we needed a solution. We like the kids to have a safety net while jumping on the trampoline, so leaving it in the shredded state wasn’t an option.

I looked online for a replacement net and found nothing. I did find places to buy the entire safety kit (including uprights), but the cost was between $90-$100!!  Not too excited to pay for a complete kit … again. So thoughts turned to trying to fix it. At Lowe’s, I only found bird netting which didn’t have holes, so I was afraid the wind would grab it too much, or plastic webbing which would be pretty harsh on the skin. Still determined, I went to Wal Mart and their camping section to search for fly netting, net to catch fish, anything. Found … nothing. Somehow I happened on the household aisle with ironing boards, laundry gadgets, etc and I found …


… for $1.87!!! Mesh … good. Cheap … very good. If it works, a reasonable solution.

I brought the trampoline net into the basement and draped it over the ping-pong table so I could align a large section at one time. Then I cut down both sides of the laundry bag to make a long strip and then sewed it into the old net using heavy-duty thread. Thankfully, the bottom of the net was still intact, so I just attached the laundry bag to the bottom and then to the top. This project took 3 laundry bags and a LOT of time! 36”x2 (for one bag) x 3 (bags) = roughly 18 feet that had to be patched.

So, for roughly $6 in laundry bags and $3 in thread, voila!P9140028

Now the kids can play on the trampoline again! And the weather is gorgeous, so it is definitely time to play!! You can see where the patch ends right behind Hadden.

Likely, this patch won’t hold up very well in the Alabama sun and weather, but for now it was a very cheap solution. Since we live in the middle of nowhere, we don’t even have to worry about the neighbors thinking we are completely redneck :)


Don’t you even think about it!!!

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!


  1. I love it! You are so resourceful! I would have just given up and not come up with a cheap solution! Love the picture of the poor lil doggie! ;)

  2. As we would say in Okie....very ingenius!!!

  3. That's awesome, Shirley! I love it! Way better than duct tape. :)

    Did you sew that by hand or on the sewing machine?

  4. thanks all!

    hi-d - I sewed it by hand (except for one of the laundry bags that I cut the wrong way :). I had really heavy duty thread (hemp thread, actually) that my sewing machine wouldn't have handled.


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