Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 8th birthday, Hadden!

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What happened to my little baby boy? He is becoming so grown up!! We gave Hadden a bb gun for his birthday. While we were shopping, the momma in me had the hardest time thinking he is ready for a bb gun! I kept asking John - “can’t we just wait until he’s at least 12 or 20 or something?” :) I knew John was right, that Hadden is ready, but it was hard to realize he is growing up so fast! And, we both knew that Hadden needed another interest besides Lego’s Star Wars kits!

I want to show you Hadden’s pet spider – well, sort of. This spider lives on Hadden’s deck just outside the sliding glass door! He is HUGE!!! I kept the picture small-sized for you … you’re welcome. Hadden actually likes the spider living there, checks on him frequently and worries about him during storms :) We recently were driving on the wildlife management property and encountered 100’s (literally) of HUGE horseflies. He wanted to bring one home for his spider.


Looking forward to many more years together as a family, as long as the Lord allows!


  1. Happy Birthday Hadden! Wow, can't believe he's 8 already! And thanks for keeping that spider picture small - ewww ;)

  2. Happy Birthday, Hadden!

    My son used to have a pet spider out on our patio in Leola. He named it "Danny" and would check on it all of the time and catch him flies for meals.

  3. Happy Birthday, Hadden. He looks SO grown up! We gotta get you some grandkids now. haha...just kidding!!!

    You are definitely an awesome who was once terrified of spiders. Have you overcome your phobia, or are you hiding behind the glass pane in the window? :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Tell him I like spiders and guns too! Snakes... um not so much. :-)


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