Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Enjoying the fall


We have been enjoying shooting Hadden’s bb/pellet gun when we have a break from baseball and soccer. Hadden really likes it and I have admitted several times that John was right :) He doesn’t mind hearing it multiple times – ha!


Hadden aiming at the target.


Savannah loves Neli. Neli has many nicknames – Neli Vader (she snores very loudly), Space Invader (she is always in your space), Barge (she barges everywhere she goes), and “the Nels”. She has grown a LOT and still has a lot of growing room in her skin!


A praying mantis landed on the hummingbird feeder. I watched him for a while and when a bird would land on the feeder, he would peek around the corner to see it. Not sure if he was trying to catch lunch or what!


And this adorable little lizard was on the deck the other morning – he was the tiniest little guy. The hole in the wood to the left of him is the size of a screw head.  He is missing part of his tail (oops!). Thankful it will grow back. And, no, it wasn’t me :)


We are enjoying baseball and soccer games. Hadden’s team won their first game. Savannah’s team lost, but played very well. September and October are busy, but the weather is beautiful, so it is fun to be outside watching games.

Hope all is well on your end!


  1. GREAT pictures, Shirley. My, the kiddo's are getting big!!!

  2. GREAT pictures, Shirley. My, the kiddo's are getting big!!!

  3. I cannot believe how fast H & S are growing! Wow!!!

    You got some cool shots - love the praying mantis and that last photo! The clouds kind of look like a funnel. I bet you love your sunsets there. :)


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