Thursday, December 17, 2009

House and life update

First of all – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Life has been happening at a breakneck pace lately, it seems. We are progressing very rapidly on the house, which is really great, but can be pretty tiring, too.

(pics l-r Christmas wreath at Noccalula Falls, Savannah blowing candles, Savannah with “Samantha”, Hadden petting rabbits, kids with cute Christmas tree)

We celebrated Savannah’s 9th birthday last week. She was a real trooper and allowed Mommy to spend about 2 hours at the cabinet shop discussing details and trim. Afterwards, we ate at that cool chicken restaurant and then went to Noccalula Falls to see the Christmas lights. Then, home for presents, cake and ice cream with Daddy.

They both also participated in the Christmas program at our church which was last night.

(pics l-r my new “stair master”, kitchen cabinets, kitchen ceiling fan, one door installed, other ceiling fans)

On the home front, we are almost finished with the main level. Painting is finished (*for now) and laying out the plan for the flooring started today. Tomorrow, they plan to lay enough flooring to be able to install the kitchen. The electricians returned and installed the ceiling fans. We LOVE how the fans look.

A really big decision focus for right now has and continues to be the kitchen. We are finalizing all of the little details on the cabinetry, talking with the countertop people and purchasing the appliances. I have felt a little overwhelmed, but we decided that we didn’t need to rush the countertops after all. After 2 years without a real kitchen, a few more weeks is not that big of a deal. The cabinets are supposed to go in next week!! Appliances will be another 2 weeks or so.

Also – the final set of stairs has been completed! John was able to bring them home tonight.

Lots going on, I guess I should blog a little more often :) Hoping to show you flooring pictures tomorrow.

Stay warm!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Savannah. I agree about not being pressured about the counter tops. This project has been huge and you guys have amazed me as you've let us share the experience with you. Merry Christmas to you and yours Shirley if I don't get back around before Christmas.


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