Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

As Christmas Eve approached, I found myself saddened that we had decided to not do a Christmas tree this year. Even though we managed to squeeze one into the camper the past two years – this year time was our hindrance more than space. Simply put – there is so much happening and needing to happen with the house this year, that we just didn’t have the time. The kids were fine with it … as long as the presents would still be there :)

John had to go into the prison on Christmas Eve, so the kids and I decided to make a little Christmas tree. We had been gathering “fruit” from sweet gum trees to try to make a Christmas tree from them, so that is what we did on Christmas Eve.


Here it is – the brown, pointy balls are the sweet gum tree fruit. First, we made a tree shape out of cardboard and wrapped our lights around it and taped them in place. Savannah trimmed the stems off the the gum balls. Then we used hot glue to affix the gum balls and little ornaments to the “tree”. Then we added some ribbon and little garland lights. Nothing too fancy, but it was fun.

In the process of making our little tree and looking for the trimmings, we came across 5 more little trees that I had completely forgotten about. They had the tiniest, cutest little ornaments and garland to go with them. The kids really had fun having their very own tree to decorate. I was praising the Lord for giving us way more than we asked or imagined.

Pc240021 Img_4113

Christmas morning – we enjoyed a break from the work and opened our presents on the main floor (even though it isn’t finished yet).

The rest of the day was filled with gaming and fun. I even managed to make a ham dinner – a very simple one.


Today was a beautiful day so we decided to take a drive after church onto the wildlife management area. They have been clearing land across the way from our house, so we wondered if we could see our house from there.

Sure enough, we can and here it is.

Img_4126 Img_4130

John discovered a Survey marker on a rock.


My current very favorite picture! My three favorite people, with our house on the far hillside. Can you see it?  


  1. So clever on the Christmas tree project. I could tell by the pics that the kids were really into it.

    I agree with you! I love that last picture too with the house in the background. The only person missing is YOU!!! :)

  2. You guys are so creative!! This "special" tree will be a long held memory in your kids lives when many others will be long forgotten. Isn't God wonderful?!!! Oh YES, HE is. The picture with your house in the background is awesome.


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