Friday, December 18, 2009

Flooring …. and I forgot to show you the snow!


Here’s the start of the flooring. I even got to help some and boy, is it tiring! I’m really excited to see it all finished.

A couple of Saturday’s ago, we woke up to snow. We had about 1/2 an inch and it was mostly gone by noon, but it was really pretty. Here in the south, we have a very wet snow, so it sticks to all of the branches of the trees. A very short-lived winter wonderland.

Img_4078 Img_4080 

Our view with snow-covered pines.


  1. I like the flooring...that has got to be one back breaking job!

    Thanks for the snow pictures...SO beautiful!

  2. Flooring looks great!!

    We're getting dumped on today. We were watching national weather and Quintin remarked, "at least Hadden isn't getting snow!" LOL I thought it was cute! And now I'm jealous! ;-D

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