Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dried In (at least mostly)

We have had crazy weather, but we are very thankful that we have not had the severe weather that other states have had. My heart goes out to those in Murfreesboro, TN who have lost loved ones and for those that have lost their homes.

I am looking forward to having a garden again someday, but this year is just not going to be the year. We have trips planned to PA and OR in May and just won't be around to take care of a garden. Also, something just had to "give" in the priorities for this summer, and the garden was it. We did get some fruit trees last week at the local farmer's co-op - 2 apple, 2 pear, and 2 peach. I had planned on planting them last Saturday but ran out of time before Savannah's softball game and am glad I did. Tuesday and Wednesday nights, we had frost again! So, on Thursday, part of our homeschooling was to plant the fruit trees. I didn't have the right materials to stake the trees, so hopefully they didn't blow over in the wind yesterday.

Savannah and Hadden loved helping and chose their "favorite" tree to take care of. Savannah chose the smallest and homeliest tree - she is like me that way.

btw: Yes, Hadden is wearing tie-dye AND camoflauge AND black socks AND crocs! Oh, how sweet it is that we live out in the middle of nowhere! And nobody would have ever seen it had I not posted it on my blog :)


On Good Friday Steve, another friend from We Care, came up to help us install doors - what a huge help yet again! Thanks, Steve! We now have all of the windows and doors in above the basement level, so we can rest a little easier and not have to worry about the floors getting wet and ruined.

Here, John and Steve are removing the framing above the door to put a transom window in. Oh, I LOVE how the transom looks and allows more light in! In the middle floor, the ceilings are 10' so each of 3 doors along the back of the house will have transom windows. Yippee!

John was putting the final nails above a sliding door as storm clouds loomed in the background.

Question: how would I make this shot brighter on John's face? I didn't use a flash because of the glass in front of him. If I lighten the picture, the storm clouds in the background turn to beautiful sunny day clouds and I lose the effect. I have paint shop pro, and I fiddled a little with the little fixer tool, but I am just not that patient to make it look great. Any suggestions?


Our next project on the house is to put the pink insulation up all around the outside. It is a very fun task only slightly complicated by the height of the house (and the wind!). We are able to use leftover supplies from the flat roof section of the tower to screw the insulation on (John loves that!).

Hadden wanted to try his hand at the drill, so we had him put the plates into the insulation before we put it on the house.

We had to encourage Savannah to try it, but then she really had fun doing it, too.

This picture cracks me up - it is screaming for a caption!


We are into the thick of baseball and softball - both kids are enjoying playing. Although the running practically every night of the week gets old, I am enjoying getting to know some of the other parents, so that has been fun.


Happy Easter!

Mark 16: 6 "Don't be alarmed," he said. "You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here.


  1. Happy Easter! I loved the pictures...Hadden and his little mismatched outfit was too cute for words....I love how him and Daddy were working together and how Savannah enjoyed it as well. far as a caption for the two of them with the drills, how about, will work for toys! (I don't know...)

    Remember, even if you're not planting a garden this year, you can do so on Farm Town! Plus, you don't have the mess...ha, ha....

    Love ya,

  2. I'll bet it is going to be some exciting day when you goet to move into a home you and your family built with your own hands :o) I've seen the photos to prove it :o)


  3. just wondering if you're getting a crew of brick layers the last week of of the ladies at work said her husband is going w/ a crew to help a prison ministry pastor w/ his house in AL. :-) had to think of you and thought just maybe...



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