Monday, April 27, 2009


Here are some pictures I promised! This is another hard-working crew of talented men. We are blessed to have them here helping us. This time is unique in that we really knew only one of the work crew before this week. I am still in amazement that they would come and help out like this - we appreciate it very much.

Scaffolding up and ready to start.

Bricks arriving! It's just a cool thing to see two tractor trailers up here - no easy task to make it up our road.

One of the drivers (this one is for you, Kendra :) (Oh - and we knew him before, too, but he has headed back now)


This one is for you, Tricia :) Josh is the other one that we know - he has come down for prison crusade the last couple of years. He is also the mason who organized this crew - thanks, Josh!

Sand and mortar - and lots of it.

Artsy shot.

Shot of the mud - doesn't it look fun to play in?

I gave them popsicles this afternoon - here is how all of them ate their popsicles. Hands free!

Later this afternoon - major progress! I had to run out for baseball/softball games, so I didn't get a shot at the end. In my opinion, it looks GREAT!

Got the kids involved in the fun :)

Good night!


  1. You live such a blessed, exciting life. Love the hub cap shots!!!

  2. Great pictures Shirley!! Thanks for posting them. Darin was very excited to be able to help out. Have a great week!

  3. So awesome! I love the artsy shots!

  4. Those pictures are awesome!! I love the ones in the hub caps!! Looking good. We are in quite the predicament with our next phase. Long story but we certainly need God to come through with wisdom and provision!! It appears that because of the size of our house (and they count any porches that are enclosed by 3 walls as fire space in the square footage and the garage) that we need sprinklers...that was not in our plan (why the designer didn't know this, I don't know), so now we have to meet with the fire marshall and hope for some other options..ughhhh..or redesign!!

  5. Oh, ha ha, I meant to mention that I finished my first book for review...I really liked it. The next one I'm going to read is "It Happened in Italy". It sounded really interesting especially since I'm 1/2 Italian!

  6. So amazing!!! I have all of you in my prayers. It's so exciting to see the progress. I LOVE those 2 artsy fartsy pictures...the last one is absolutely adorable!!!


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