Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And more Brick!

We have had wonderful weather for the brick crew to work - mid-80's and sunshine. This afternoon looked to be threatening rain, but it held off.

I feel like a broken record saying how amazing these work crews are ... but they just are! At the "end" of today, they just kept on working to finish up the front portion of the house. So, that means that some of them put in around a 13 hour day - in the heat - all day. A huge THANKS for their perseverance and hard work.

And, I have to say that I LOVE THE BRICK and all they have done! When they pulled the scaffolding down this afternoon and revealed the whole wall, I just stood there staring at it. It just looks so good!

This is the only picture from yesterday and Savannah took it.

Ryan was helping out putting insulation up to try to stay ahead of the masons. I had Savannah take a picture while I was up on the scaffolding. Getting up was easy (fairly) - getting down was a whole 'nother story!

These guys work together up in PA and they are a hoot!

Tom - pulling down scaffolding.

Benny - "The Talker" (that's what he wrote on his cup). He does an extraordinary job maneuvering the lift.

Ryan and Rance - tearing down scaffolding.

Taken from the tower walkout - I went up there to secure the hatch in case it rained and thought this would make a cool shot.

Ben and Jordan - working extra hard to finish up the front top corner. (Josh was also right there with them - I just didn't get him in the shot).

I plan to get a picture of Doc tomorrow to round out the crew.

Voila!!! What do you think? If you said "WOW" - me, too!


  1. I thought I'd quick check for an update before I went to bed. I love the pictures. It's so nice that you do this, then I know what Josh is talking about. It looks great!!! Hopefully it's what you pictured in your mind. I am glad to hear the week is going well. Those guys are a riot! Tricia

  2. I did. I said WOW!! That's a lot of brick! It looks great though. I will pray for your situation ad well.

    The first book I read was only 172 so it was an easy read. It actually didn't get here till today but it was also available via e book so I read it that way. The next one is longer so I hope I get it soon.

  3. Wow and WoW and WOW!!

    It looks awesome!!

  4. I continue to say "awesome"!!

  5. Your house looks so beautiful!!! I'm having so much fun watching it all come together that I'm doing be kinda disappointed when it's all done. Amy

  6. Wow is right! I love the way the bricks are on the corners of the house. Very nice! Those shots up high had my stomach starting to turn...really...and I'm eating my cereal, so I didn't want to stare too long. Sorry...How much longer will they be there?

  7. You said it.... haven't been on in a couple of days and it truly is amazing the crew you have is wonderful. God Bless them all. It looks great.


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