Sunday, November 30, 2008

We had help! And ... Space and Rocket Center

We are so incredibly grateful for the help we had on Friday! We poured the final height for our end walls and some good friends joined us in the fun. Don and the kids came up from Atmore to help us out and also our friend Brian from our home group unexpectedly showed up - Lord, please bless them all! We truly would not have been able to do this without them. It was our most complicated pour yet - we were working at the full height of the wall (9') so it was challenging.

Savannah and Hadden had a great time playing with Lauren (and Perry, too, before the concrete truck arrived).

Biking and bubbles

Here's the whole crew at work. We chose not to rent a concrete pump as they are pretty expensive, so we built a trough to pull the concrete down to where we needed it. The system worked pretty well, but it was pretty labor intensive. I felt like I had played in a full volleyball tournament the next morning :)

The rain held off until we were just about finshed, so we were also very thankful of that. We have MUCH to be thankful for.


On Saturday, we took the kids to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. The admission was free with our McWane Science Center Membership, so we finally were able to take advantage of it. In some of the pictures, you have to look very closely to find us :)

John and kids with SR-71 Blackbird

Me and the kids with Saturn V

John and me in front of the Blackbird (Savannah took our picture :)

Me and kids beneath the indoor Saturn V

Me and kids with Space Shuttle

John and kids with Space Shuttle

John and Savannah going back into the building that houses the Saturn V.

For Don's sake :) - the Iron Bowl on the BIG screen! They broadcast the game on their theater screen. We only watched for a few minutes, but I think this is the place to watch the game!


  1. So nice to see the progress....and what wonderful friends to help you! It still just amazes me, what you guys are doing...

    Looked like fun with the kids. Can I come next time? hee, hee...


  2. Isn't it sooo nice to have help! The space center looked fun too. when we visited Ohio a few years ago we went to the big flight museum they have there! It was really cool.

  3. So wonderful to have friends who help!!!! A blessing from God for sure. I've said it is so wonderful the way you manage to mix work and then fun...instead of nothing but work.

  4. what a wonderful place to visit :o)


    (it is so nice to see all the progress on your building- thanks for keeping us posted :o)


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