Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh boy - it's QUIET!!!

This is the most amazing thing ... I have two days "off" from the normal routine. John took the kids to a staff meeting and I stayed home to take care of the dogs.


Two days all.to.myself! Well, and the dogs, which means that sleeping in isn't really an option. However, going back to bed is :)

AND ... John picked the coolest bunch of wild flowers for me on his way home.

Seriously cool flowers.

Look closely - this is actually how they grow! One stem, bunch of flowers - now, there's a God stop for you.

... yes, the vase is a Starbucks thermal coffee mug ...

Oh, and MANY THANKS to the two friends that made it possible for John to bring the kiddos - hopefully, they aren't too much trouble! May He richly bless you for your kindness to us!


  1. Enjoy!! I already can tell you are.

  2. Hey those flowers are beautiful! Did John pick them on your property?

  3. How nice to have time to yourself. That is so important! Those flowers are so cool! How sweet of John! I was thinking that looked like a coffee cup. Hey, whatever works...you could even paint it! hee.....

  4. Very pretty flowers!!!

    Keep enjoying that time!!! :)


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