Thursday, March 20, 2008

For those "cooking" challenged...

For those of you who are like me and chose to play outside when you were young instead of helping in the kitchen ... here are some detailed tips to hard boiling an egg! I just finished some, and I have to say that these are "fool" proof. Trust me!

Here's more "foolproof" proof: Once, Hadden overheard me make a noise of some kind in the kitchen like "hhuuuhhh" (imagine taking a breath in loudly!) and he said, "Aawwww, Mom, did you burn something again?!!"

My Mom is an excellent cook, and my sisters all are, too. Somehow ... I just don't have it ...


  1. I rarely boil eggs - except at this time of year...and I always find myself checking a cookbook for the timing!

    Off to check the link...Have a blessed Easter!!

  2. What a great site! I hard-boiled eggs last night, and the sight had great tips. E & E are excited to paint them today!

    Have a joyous Easter!

  3. hey thanks for the link...this will come in handy while I'm trying to show my kids how to cook'd be surprised how much one does without thinking about it...makes it hard to teach the littles :o)


  4. You are not alone in your cooking abilities! I am one who rarely cooks too. My hubby comes from a family of great cooks and they own restaurants. Hubby was in the biz most of our marriage and did most of our cooking! Now I find myself learning the tricks of the trade! :) My daughter is quick to tell me when Daddy cooks something better than I do. She usually follows that with "But you're still learning Mom. It's OK. You will learn one day!" Gotta love that!



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