Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!

Friday and Saturday were work days - we took down more trees, cleared more brush, etc. Our neighbor rented an excavator and did some mighty fine road work! We can easily get up in the truck now, and could get up in the car if we were extra careful.

Saturday afternoon, the kids and I took a break and helped at the Easter egg hunt at our church. There were a lot of children there and the focus was on the real meaning of Easter - celebrating Jesus' resurrection. Although the eggs, baby chicks, baby bunnies, etc. are nice - they aren't the best!

Sunday, after church, we spent the day just enjoying ourselves on our property - taking a nice long hike, visiting with the neighbor and hearing about his plans, scouting a new trail on a ridge that we explored. Great fun. It was breezy, so it was pretty cold when we weren't moving.

Funny thing happened on Saturday - I met a lady that had a shirt on from my former company in Portland! She told me that it was her husband's and she didn't know where it came from. Wild.

We found a well-driller! Hallelujah! Progress. Laundry is done for this week, so all is well at the Kurtz household :)

So, how are you doing?

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  1. Great pictures!!

    How wild about the shirt!!

    Not too many spring colors around here yet - but I can feel it coming in the air!!

    T and I are heading to Louisville, KY for a few days (W & J are keeping the kiddos) and I'm hoping there are warmer temps there.

    Take care!!


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