Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Uneventful closing!

We prayed for an uneventful closing and that is what we had. Praise the Lord!

"Roll a yard" refers to what I know as "tp'ing" someone's yard and/or house (not that I ever was involved in that kind of mischief :) - it is basically wasting a whole lot of toilet paper (unused kind) on trees, cars, mailboxes, etc. for some unsuspecting homeowner who normally has a teenage child in the home...

Here's another one that I have only heard in Alabama..."make a picture". Any ideas?

You know, I was thinking about it and I am not sure it is really fair to say that they are "Alabama'isms" - it is only that Alabama is the first place that I have heard them. I had the poor neighbor boy confused offering him a "soda" and "pop". He knows these items as "coke" - doesn't matter if it is pepsi, root beer, etc.



  1. That was my first guess!!!!!!!!! I was right! MommaRoar thought you wouldn't be exposed to such things! haha :) She thinks highly of you!

    Make a picture - my guess is going to have a professional picture taken. (I hate that I might guess these right! haha I'm beginning to think in bama-isms now! They've brainwashed me! AHHH!!)

    What a fun little game you've started!

  2. LOL at morningsong!!!

    I am shocked S!! Truly shocked!!

    I think you need to add in your west coast and east coast isms as well. Since you've lived in such opposite places!

    So glad closing was uneventful!

    Can't wait to see pictures.

    And, I was thinking it might be getting a picture taken too!

    This is a fun game, any prizes? haha ;-)

  3. Just stopping by from Momma Roar's blog to say hey.

    I know nothing about Alabama except that it is in the south. I've been through Georia many times, but never made it over to your new state.

  4. I'm dropping by from Leigh Ann's to say, Welcome to blogland. I trust it will be as big a blessing to you as it has to me. My husband is from Tennessee. The one that really got me when we married and I was with his family the first time is that they were going to "carry" me to the store!!!
    I've not heard the one about the picture.

  5. I came over from Leigh Ann's too!!! Boy Leigh Ann, you have a lot of bloggy friends! Anyways, I had to laugh because my father in law is from Texas and every kind of pop is referred to as a coke also. They also hand tumbleweeds from the ceiling and decorate them for Christmas trees. Weird. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures. Have you seen very many confederate flags flying around?!

  6. Make a picture just means "take a picture". Isn't that funny? I grew up in Peru with some people from Alabama and Mississippi. They are neat people, but they say some funny things!

  7. Ok, so I should have read all the entries before commenting - sorry!!

    I don't know the "make a picture" one. My guess is that it is the way the person taking the picture tells those he is taking a picture of to pose for the picture.

    This is fun! Glad your closing went well.


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