Friday, February 22, 2008

Thanks and welcome!

Welcome, all you mommaroar fans - she is incredibly talented, not? Thanks mommaroar for all of your encouargement (she got me started blogging) and help!

A note about BAMA'isms - I just want to make it clear that I am not poking fun at these dear people. We have experienced a very warm welcome from extremely friendly, helpful and giving people here in Alabama. We have often been overwhelmed by their kindnesses. I can truly learn a lot from their "southern hospitality".

"Make a picture" - many of you were right - it is simply what I know of as "take a picture". Someone asked me to "make their picture" when we first arrived and it took me a second to figure out what they were asking me!

Ok - here are a couple more that are probably more obvious. What is a "buggy"? What is a "fly-flapper"?

As mommaroar suggested, I will have to put some from the west and east coast, as well ;)



  1. A buggy is a shopping cart? I've heard that before in blogland. And a fly swater?

    I love hearing the different phrases used around the US - since I've never even moved out of the county I was born in!

    I'm so glad some of my friends stopped by - one person stopped that I don't know - cool!

    Have a great weekend! We got some more snow/sleet today - schools are all closed. Its suppposed to keep up til tomorrow morning - sigh...waiting for spring...sigh

  2. Just welcoming you to the blog world! Have fun!

  3. Shopping cart and fly swat??

    Definitely didn't think you were making light of the people down South! :) We Southerners do have our way with words but so do the Northerners. Y'all just don't realize it! I am one who calls all things coke too! Although if you offered me a pop or soda - I would understand what you meant! :) haha



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