Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We had a wonderful time last weekend on our trip to Gatlinburg, TN. We went with our home group from church and stayed at a very nice cabin. We were privileged to sleep in a room that had a plexiglas ceiling where we could see the stars! I think the group honored us with that room since we have been sleeping in a camping trailer for 5 months!

Saturday, most of us took a drive and went to Cade's Cove near Gatlinburg. Along the way, we stopped for a break on the river, stretched our legs, and enjoyed skipping some rocks. We drove further and then the group hiked in about 3 miles to a beautiful waterfall called Abram's Falls. Savannah and Hadden were troopers and they were not even the youngest on the trail! We passed a family with a 6-week old infant (in a front pack), and 2 more little ones who looked like they would be under 3.

Sunday on the way home, we found a Go-Kart track in Pigeon Forge (not hard to do, as about every other building is a Go-Kart track!). Hadden rode with Daddy and Savannah rode with Mommy. They both loved it. Savannah kept encouraging Mommy to "go faster"!

We saw a total of 19 deer along our drive - this one was an older buck who was not very afraid of people.
We had a very nice, relaxing weekend enjoying God's creation!

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  1. Sounds great! I love that last picture!!

    Well, we've got snow here today. It is now raining with an ice storm warning for about 2 hours yet. The Bible study is cancelled and I was finally looking forward to being able to get out. I am so ready for spring!

    I loved your post below too - God keeps teaching me so much through my children - its awesome!


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