Monday, August 22, 2011

Hearer and whisperer …


I think it is safe to call John the “hearer of snakes”. He is still working on the whisperer part! Seriously – he has super-sonic ears, I’m telling you. We all went for a walk the other day doing our usual snake check. Disappointed that we didn’t see one, we turned to head home when John heard a sound and said “that’s a snake!” Although, I was initially doubtful, he was right – it was a snake!! (I have been known to dismiss snake rattling sounds for leaves, cicadas, etc.) This time, it was hiding under a dead log – the same place we have seen one before. Yuck! I have left the picture small for you squeamish types, but here is the proof :) It’s another crotalus horridus.


Now, for the whisperer part – the kids and I went and watched Paul Daily break a horse to ride. It was really fascinating and we all enjoyed it. Throughout the approximate 2 hours, he weaves his testimony and faith in God through the training of the horse and how it relates to each of us. Check out their website for more information.


Just getting started – the horse initially just ran around and around the pen.


Persistent “helper”


After calming and working with the horse, his daughter went for a ride.


He was kind enough to allow a picture with our kiddos.

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