Saturday, March 19, 2011

11 years!

Yesterday was our 11th anniversary and we enjoyed a beautiful spring day together. We went to the Botanical Gardens and walked the many trails winding through all kinds of plants, trees and shrubs.



Mini-me and Dad. “Can we reach around this tree?”


Just barely!


Appropriately, Savannah was wearing a shirt with 11 on it! :) And, just today, I thought how it would have been cute if we would have made a heart with our hands.


We also went to the Birmingham Art Museum and enjoyed looking at the exhibits. We will have to go back another day because we were all pretty hungry by then :)


We ate an early supper at Red Robin before Hadden had baseball practice (chicken pesto pasta – YUM!). We all really like the American flag made from baseballs, so we snapped a shot of it before leaving. Finally, we played for a little while at Learning Express Toys. The kids made a chain from “zoobs”.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was a very fun day. My dear hubby even watched “Ever After” with me at the end of the day. Ah, bliss! :)


  1. Great photos! Happy Anniversary!

  2. So sweet! Love all the photos...and I'm glad you guys had a good day! Wow...11 years later and 2 kids. So great!


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