Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend waterfall hike

Our church started an early service yesterday, so we had all afternoon to hike before the super bowl :) The weather was just about perfect, so we enjoyed a nice hike following the little streams on our property and then later on the wildlife management area.


These two waterfalls are on our property. They are seasonal and run in, around, and through the hillside.


We also have a little bamboo “forest” growing on our land. We walked to “the rock that Mommy took a nap on”! One time while hiking, I really just needed to lay down and rest, so this place now has this unique name :)


Beautiful blue sky. Little tree growing out of a crag in a rock.


We spent some rest time up on a rock plateau. John’s a thinker. Me … not so much.  He was kind enough to shorten his thinking time when I started to get cold from not moving.


There were more waterfalls to see, you know. John heard this one from up on the plateau rock, so we went and found it. We have been here before, but the water was not running quite as much then. Love how the water was shooting off the end of the rock. OH – and the sound!!! I took a couple of little videos just for the sound.


Another rest stop – look closely to see Hadden – he’s camouflaged :) Neli LOVED the waterfalls! She was all over them – I half worried that she was going to slip and get stuck somewhere! Crazy dog!


Same section of waterfall in these two shots – one is just a little closer in.


This is actually the same rest stop :) By this time, we had hiked 3+ miles and hadn’t brought any snacks besides water.


This is my favorite little waterfall.


Oh, I like this one, too.


Really like this one – my handsome hubby! :) And here’s proof that I was actually along! 


  1. Your pictures are beautiful, Shirley! It looked very peaceful. We had nice weather here, too, but we didn't go hiking or anything like you did.

  2. Pure beauty, Shirley. My, the kids have grown since I'd seen pictures of them!!

  3. I love these pictures. I'd love to have streams like that close by.


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