Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our weekend

The weather was beautiful this past weekend, so we enjoyed some time outdoors. We had talked about going for a long hike, but until yesterday, 1/31, it was still hunting season here in Alabama. Part of our long hike is on wildlife management land, so we thought we should go with plan b instead. Savannah really wants to go camping – as in tenting – on our property. While I am all for enjoying the great outdoors, tent camping is not real high on my bucket list (I am still recovering from living in the camping trailer :), but it did seem like a good idea to clear some underbrush. John has been forging ahead clearing trails around and through our property and we join him sometimes. Hadden LOVES to “whack” with a machete.

So, clear we did. Then we gathered rocks for a fire pit. Then on Sunday, John enjoyed cooking burgers on the fire. (have to give him credit here – he took care of all of the fixin’s for the outdoor cooking party!) Later, we had s’mores … it is just not a campfire without s’mores!


John tending the burgers. Savannah enjoying a burger. She worked hard clearing brush and hauling rocks for the fire pit. She has all kinds of plans for using the camping site now :)


Lilly and Savannah. A decent picture of Mercy – she normally doesn’t cooperate for pictures.


This shows why we call him “Happy” – he looks like he is smiling! He belongs to a neighbor, but he spends a lot of time with us. He’s a very sweet dog, so we don’t really mind. Very convenient to have a dog that you don’t have to feed or take care of :)


Neli is growing up! So is Hadden! Like I said, he loves doing this. He is careful – trust me! If this overly protective mom doesn’t cringe with him using a machete, he is able to handle it :)


Here, he is taking down a tree. Baseball season is starting soon, so I think he is trying to build up some strength :)


Finally, we finished burning up the brush. John then tends the fire until it is burned down enough to be safe while the kids and I head back to the warm house for a shower! Don’t worry, I think he actually likes it ;)


  1. What an adventure! The only thing missing is a picture of you. :)

  2. what a super fun idea! I was envisioning myself right there with you!

  3. That picture of your little guy with that Machete is priceless!


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