Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sometimes the hassle is worth it …

Back track with me to last summer when my sister and her family were visiting. We took a mini-vacation to Gatlingburg, TN for a few days and enjoyed a nice stay in a cabin in Pigeon Forge. To make the trip less expensive, we decided to eat all of our meals in – with just easy things to make. With that, I took my hand mixer to make an easy pudding dessert. What I didn’t realize until we got home was that I had left the most important part of the mixer in the cabin!

I was actually sad because the mixer belonged to my maternal grandmother and the mixer portion still works great. Strangely enough, I found a brand-new hand mixer at Good Will that very next week! I assumed I would just be able to interchange parts to the mixers and I didn’t really need the old parts to use the old mixer. That was not the case. For some reason (which is actually quite unlike me), I kept the hand mixer anyway.

This past weekend, some women from our church went to Pigeon Forge for a women’s retreat. Knowing that I was going, I contacted the rental company from the cabin that we had stayed in last June to see if they might still have the extra beaters in the drawer in the cabin. I was pretty sure that no one would bother throwing away parts to a mixer. The people at Kimble rentals were SO incredibly kind to send someone to go and look and then contacted me by email to let me know that they had found them!


Now, the only obstacle was asking the person who drove our carpool to take me by the rental office. I have to admit that I was just slightly embarrassed to bother someone about this, but I did ask and they were very gracious to agree to go. So, Saturday, I went shopping with a group that was driving right past the rental office, so we stopped in. I had this funny feeling that it wasn’t going to just be that easy :) When I explained who I was and what I was there for, she handed me a set of beaters … but they weren’t mine! The cabin also had a hand mixer and the man had brought the beaters to the cabin’s hand mixer instead of mine.

Long story short – they went even the extra, extra mile (as did my friends) to get the right ones to me. We returned on Sunday morning and picked up the right set before coming home.

See – sometimes the hassle is worth it!

ps - If you ever do rent from them, tell them that I sent you. :) (You may have to mention the hand mixer for them to know who I am - ha!)


  1. What a great story! I'm glad you got them back and have such nice friends.

  2. haha...I'm so glad that you got your beaters back eventually. This sounds like the kind of story that I could have been involved with... :)


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