Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life would be way less interesting …

So, after supper tonight, John decided to grab some chips and salsa. I was still sitting with the kids at the supper table, so I wasn’t really paying close attention to which cup he grabbed out of the cupboard.

I had just carried my dish to the kitchen when I glanced over at what he was doing. Then, JUST as he had finished pouring the salsa, and was grabbing the bag of chips in one hand and reaching for the salsa with the other hand … I shrieked “John – what are you doing????” The cup he had chosen is not a cup – it is an old (likely antique) canning funnel that was my grandmother’s! My dear husband had filled a bottomless cup with salsa and it was now sitting on the counter. We (although the term is used rather loosely here) slid it off the counter and onto a plate and then laughed at what could have been! (He’s not feeling 100%, so I’ll give him a break :)

P1060003 P1060004

Here he is – I’ll bet if I just had originally showed you the pictures, you would have not thought anything was wrong.


Here’s the after :)  Oh, how I love a good laugh!

I love you, honey! I’m glad God chose you for me :)

btw: I was playing with some different settings on my point and shoot camera – that is why the pictures are of such different coloring. I don’t like how the flash washes everything out in the first shot, but then the second doesn’t have enough light and is grainy.


  1. that is funny :o) and it did seem to get the job done :o)


  2. That's hilarious! Glad you got a picture.

  3. hahaah, I have one of those, but it's a red plastic one that is with my other funnels...oh well!


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