Friday, July 3, 2009

One Year ago today...

... we were very busy with our first concrete pour! This was the footer for the house and I remember very clearly - it was HOT!!!

Today - with the help of so many people, we are a lot further along. John spent the day helping me move the ladder and putting door knobs and locks on the doors. Sorry - I didn't get a picture, I was also working.

I have been trying to finish the caulk around the windows. I have become an expert by learning how to do everything wrong. Since we have a LOT of windows, I have learned a lot of wrong things to do ... hence the reason I am now an expert :)

Here I am working on the front tower - it was a beautiful, breezy day. Very enjoyable.

While I was at this window, a couple of funny things happened. First, there were bees on the inside while I was on the outside. They were trying to get out and I would have rather been in.

Also, I saw a little hummingbird trapped inside. I love hummingbirds and have been so sad about the few who have gone into the house and not been able to find a way out soon enough. This one was sitting on a ladder on the inside and since I was finished with that window, I went to try to rescue him. John had helped one two days ago and I helped one out yesterday.

This little fella was up pretty high so I couldn't just scoop him out the window like we did with the other two. After a couple of minutes of chasing him around, he finally landed on the ladder again and I was able to capture him in my hand. So cute, but I could tell he was not doing well - he needed to eat! So, I scurried down our makeshift stairs and ran to the hummingbird feeder, took it down where I could reach it and stuck his little beak in the syrup. He responded and drank some, rested a little and then flew off.

Isn't he just adorable? (side note: My hand is very dirty because the caulk gets on my hands and I tried to rub sandy dirt on it to help take it off ... didn't really do anything except make my hands sticky AND dirty :)

And tonight ... the Lord gave us this sunset! Another amazing reminder of His great creation!


  1. Wow...first off, I can't believe it's been a year. I remember that first picture like is was a couple months ago.

    Secondly, you are up that ladder SO high! Yikes! You are a brave one.

    Thirdly, that was a precious picture of the hummingbird. I'm so glad that you were able to rescue it. So cool to see one close up, that's not fluttering it's wings.

    And Last, but not least, those sunset pictures were amazing! Yep...God is the painter of the sky. Love it and love you!

  2. That hummingbird is so cute! And your sunset shots are amazing!

    Just a guess, but you might want to wet your hands, apply table salt and scrub them together. I do that for onion & garlic smells and it's a great remover of smells and I wonder if it would help with caulk? Hey, it dissolves ice...???

  3. How wonderful feeding the hummingbird from your hand.

  4. You guys are making progress, even though it seems slow. Soon, very soon it will be done. That picture of the hummingbird is priceless.... as are the sunset pics. Happy 4th!


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