Sunday, July 12, 2009

House update

It has been a long while since I gave you a house update - sorry about that. We have been working - little by little getting tasks done. The tasks have been tough to photograph, so here are just some of the latest pictures.

View from the back - we are using the patio even with all of the construction. If you look really closely, you'll see the kiddos in the pool :)

John has been working on framing and drying in these sections - the black plyform and red metal will be covered with stone and the deck eventually. Please take special note of the caulking job - that has been my main task for the past two weeks. It's harder than it looks and takes forever! I am thrilled to say that for the moment I am finished caulking. There will be a few more places down the road, but for now I am putting the caulk gun to rest.

In other areas - the stairs are still in progress. We are hoping to have the first set ready this week. The inmates are building them for us - that thrills me.

But I thought you might be interested to see what we are currently using for steps ...

The first set is not so bad - even Lilly has mastered how to get up and down. I think she is a smart dog - although others might not agree. A few times I have been on a ladder outside of a window, she has gone in the house, up the stairs and greeted me at the window. Now, isn't that smart? I think so :)

Up to the next two landings - they are pretty sturdy (except for one), but they are getting higher and higher. I am still thankful for them, though, because before these steps were in ...

we had to scale across the 2x6 wall to get to the landing. We only did that once or twice trying to keep rain out of the window openings (before the windows were in).

Here, John is demonstrating for you. He is carrying pocket door frames for the closets upstairs.

Ta-da. Pocket door frame installed. John did 4 of the 5 yesterday all by himself .... while I finished caulking.

I was able to trade my caulk gun for these! Oh, how I love to paint! For now, the only project is exterior doors - 7 of them. I did one coat on one yesterday.

So, things are progressing. We have an electrician and crew coming soon, a quote from an HVAC guy, got the name of a plumber and a quote for stone for the concrete section outside. We have been shopping (pricing mostly) for some interior stuff - showers, sinks, lights, kitchen cabinets, flooring, etc.

Every step is a little bit closer.

On other news, Annie has her own sidebar photo, by repeated request (hi-d!).

Friday, she apparently got on the wrong end of some critter because she came back with her eye swollen almost shut. After Benadryl and a few hours, she was fine.

The good news is Lilly has limited the neck biting to a minimum, so Annie is much happier :)


  1. Oh, thank you for the updates! I love seeing the progress!

    BTW, thanks for adding Annie to the sidebar. Ha,'s official, 3 dogs again! :)

    Praying for you guys!
    Love ya,


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