Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pictures .... and a surprise!

As I promised, here are some final pictures of the brick.

Whoo-hoo! All the way at the top! A couple of them finished the window details after lunch.

Clean-up time. A huge THANKS to KLB Masonry, as well, for the many blessings that they provided to us. We are very grateful!

Excited to be finished - ready to get showered to head home to PA for some R&R (hopefully) with their loved ones! Thank you is not enough - but thank you just the same :)


Shot from the back.

And from the front.

From the other side. The sun was setting, so the color of the bricks looks a little dark here. We absolutely love how it turned out!

Josh had the idea of putting a cross at the top of the tower. Several people have said that our house looks like a church, so a cross is appropriate. We like it in order to give honor to the One who has truly made all of this happen.

Psalm 127:1a Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.

We want to give all glory and credit to the Lord for building the house, but we are also very grateful for the laborers he has sent to be the hands and feet!

The local brick mason, Toby, who gave us a hand stopped by today to get the mixer he had lent us. He said that we were very blessed by the good weather and only had rain the last couple of days - this spring has been a tough one for rainy days, so we thank the Lord for that, too.

And now for the surprise!!! It's John's 40th birthday today!!! Happy Birthday, honey! I love you!


  1. Ph you know I love, love, love the cross. What a blessing. And John celebrating his 40th BD....boy what a way to celebrate.

  2. Beautiful Brick! I love the cross! That is so awesome. Tell John Happy Birthday!!! So cool!

  3. Your house looks great!

    Happy Birthday, John!

  4. Tell John that Trav and I wish him a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    It looks amazing Shirley - the cross is so cool too!! I wondered if those cirlces on either side of the cross were for lights, but he thought drainage. I think lights would be cool, but I guess drainage is necessary too - I just want to know who's right...well, actually I don't! heehee

    Thanks KLB (that's for any of them reading this!!!)

  5. This was so wonderful. Having so many come together to help. I love the cross. What a beautiful touch it adds to your home. What a wonderful way to celebrate a 40th birthday.

  6. It looks beautiful Shirley. I can't wait to see the finished product


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