Monday, February 23, 2009


We were able to go to Gatlinburg, TN with our home group last weekend. We had a wonderful time!

Here is the cabin that we stayed in. A friend from our church owns it and allows us to use it - isn't that amazing?

The kids had a BLAST! Here they are in their room.

A river runs through the charming little town.

I love the little old bridges - would love to be able to walk on them, but this one needs some work first.

This intrigues me - exactly what are these stairs for?

We took a hike in to Abram's Falls on Saturday morning. The kiddos wanted to feel the water.

Abram's Falls

The family photo in front of Abram's Falls.

John and Hadden scaling the log bridge. Thankfully, they weren't too high off the ground - as a Mommy, they make me nervous.

This is special to us - Mr. Al is our home group leader. He lost his precious wife, Sherry, last year to cancer. We were all together in Gatlinburg last February and Hadden held Miss Sherry's hand the entire way back from the falls. We all miss her.

We saw many, many deer. Hadden was counting and I think he counted around 60 or so. Some may have moved around while we were hiking and got counted more than once - we don't know for sure.

This is really hard to see, but there is a black bear in the middle of this photo!

HA! Three guys, three laptops, big screen tv and leather couches. Does it get any better than that, fellas?

It snowed!!! Just enough to play in - not enough to get snowed in (bummer!)

Sunday, Mr. Al and our family took another hike into Laurel Falls. It was cold!

But worth it - the falls there are beautiful, too.

Picture of Laurel Falls.

We had a great time - we decided to stay until Monday morning as John didn't have to be into the prison until around 1:00 pm. Now, I have a lot of catching up to do ... laundry, Bible study homework ... but it was worth it.


  1. Gatlinburg is such a beautiful place. What a wonderful trip and time for you guys.

  2. What great pictures as usual!

    Those stairs are hilarious. Very funny....I'm glad you got some snow. The bear and all the deer....that's amazing. What a beautiful place. Cute of the guys and their laptops....

    It sounds like you guys had a great time! Hope you are able to catch up on the rest of your stuff.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! It looks like it was the perfect getaway for you all! Just the right kind of roughin' it, huh? LOL!!

  4. Looks like you guys really enjoyed your long weekend... the pics are wonderful... The kids are sure growing up fast. Miss ya!

  5. wow! that is a beautiful place...I think I would have like to have been snowed in too :o)


  6. Wow, these pictures were just wonderful! It looks like it was an incredible time!
    The family photos are just beautiful...

    Today actually marks the anniversary of the only time I was in TN...I had to fly down there on Feb 25, '95 while planning my wedding to actually "get married legally" or the Navy would have given my fiance orders for Japan...without me! (But we didn't count ourselves truly married until the wedding that April...)

    The scenery where you were and the waterfalls are just gorgeous!

  7. Oh my goodness. I can't believe there was a black bear!! What beautiful scenery! Wow!!!


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