Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As random as it gets

Currently, things are a little busy. Each day, we are working on the house a little bit - pouring a thin layer of concrete at the top of the walls to make it completely level. After that, while John goes to work in the prison, we try to do our homeschooling and errands. Fitting in time for meals, chores (the never-ending laundry pile), games and planning for the house makes for full days. Oh - and not to forget computer time :)Top that off with my Beth Moore Bible study and reading time. Now, baseball and softball are going to compete for time, too.

So, here are a few random shots and thoughts from the last few days...

Monopoly has been a favorite game to play. This particular game, John WIPED OUT me and then Savannah and was in the process of trying to take out Hadden when the time ran out. We also play Rummikub and an occasional card game.

This one just struck me so funny! Hadden was having chicken strips for supper and this was the shape of one of his pieces. Chicken shaped like a chicken! This was not intentional (i.e. - it wasn't dino shapes or chicken shapes - it just happened to be that way).

Last week, John surprised me with this!!! If you know me well, I don't really like cut flowers because they don't last long enough. I have always told John that if he is going to get me flowers, I would prefer the potted kind. So, he bought me an orchid - they are my favorite! For our first few anniversaries, he bought me orchids, but they have since not survived.

Orchids are amazing because each bloom with last for months - yes, months! (Given the proper care and environment - not sure exactly how well they will do in the camper). They also bloom again the next year. Very cool! This one has 7 buds on it - 5 are either open or nearly open. They are beautiful.

Here's a closer shot of the flowers.

John's Blog:
I also wanted to let you know that my husband has updated his blog twice in the last week :) If you are interested in details of the construction of our basement walls, go say hi to him here.

Training meeting
We have a training meeting tonight for volunteers that want to go into the prison. Currently, I am planning on attending and might possibly have opportunity to go in about once a month with our church. I am very excited for this possibility for a number of reasons - the main one being able to put some names to faces. Another is that so I feel more a part of the ministry that John is doing - I will see a little bit of what he experiences and hopefully be better aware of what to pray for and how to pray.


  1. Shirley - love the chicken shaped like a chicken - looks yummy! What kind are they?

    And then, the orchids are beautiful.

    How can I get involved in the prison ministry? I don't know if I would be able to, but I would like more information, so I can make an informed decision. I believe some of my husband's cousins may work there.

    (Random comment for random topics.) :))

  2. Random but interesting. I've never tried an orchid. They are beautiful. I agree with you about the cut flowers.

  3. Loved catching up with you, Shirley!
    So fun to play games as a family. We haven't introduced the girls to Monopoly yet...I think my 9 yr old would love it!

    Gotta love a chicken nugget shaped like a chicken...too funny! :)

  4. Your Orchid is beautiful! It looks like the one you gave to me a few years ago. If fact, mine is starting to bloom again!

  5. That chicken is so funny! I think I'd be scared to eat it...ha, ha...

    That was sweet of John to buy you that orchid. They are so pretty. I've never had one. hmmmm....

  6. be blessed in your busyness!! Beautiful flowers!!!


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