Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

And ... we certainly DID NOT pick up a stray dog tonight and bring him home. That would be generally considered a little crazy - four people and three dogs in a camper! We're calling him a "bagle" because he looks like some cross between a beagle and a basset hound. He is very cute and sweet, but we are going to try to find his owners.

I have not participated in this before, but have several things that I wouldn't want to admit to. :) Check out this site for what this craziness is all about.


We did not spontaneously enjoy our time with 3 other couples from We Care which made us arrive home at 11 pm Saturday night - this was already after a very nice Christmas banquet on Friday night.

I did not buy a red velvet cake yesterday for $12.99 plus tax because I didn't have time to make anything for dessert for our home group after arriving home at 11 pm. I do not love red velvet cake icing (the only real reason to eat cake, after all)!

Our camper was not 37 degrees on the inside when arriving home at 11 pm from our Christmas party weekend! It did not take 3 heaters and an hour to get it to a bearable temperature.

We did not pile our stacks of pink insulation around the bottom of our camper to try to keep a little of the heat in. That would look WAYYY too Clampett for us! I am positive I will not post a picture when I have a chance.

I did not have a meltdown over buttons because I was worried about wearing a black sweater with 2 missing white buttons. I did not make my poor husband feel so bad that he stopped twice (even though we were running late) for me to find some. Then, I certainly didn't sew them on on the remainder of the ride, only to find out that they wouldn't actually fit through the button holes! (Thankfully, it was just a cardigan).

Oh, and I don't stick my foot in my mouth - ever. Not Me! Nor, does my facial expression change in the least when someone says something to me that is just "out there".


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  1. Now this "confession" time is too quaint :o)

  2. And I certainly can not picture your face mentioned in last sentence because I certainly have not said something that is out there (or been witness to someone else saying something that is out there)! How many years were we on the VBS committee together?? Heehee


  3. I love the way you did this post...too funny!

    we had a dog just like that...half beagle and half basset hound...we called him "chester" he was a great dog :o)



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