Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas wish for Hannah

This so touched my heart this morning. Would you consider sending a Christmas card to Hannah? She is a little girl from our church in PA - the family lost her mother about 2 years ago to breast cancer and Hannah is a very special little girl. Please pray for Hannah and this family.

Hannah's cousin had the following note on facebook:

Hannah is my 5 year old cousin who, just a few weeks ago, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, a rare and incurable brain tumor. She has been given 12 weeks to live and is currently in her 7th week. Hannah's story is sad, but especially sad because her mother passed away just two years ago from breast cancer. Her father, brother Jordan, and sister Brittany are dealing with the unthinkable.

Right now Hannah has lost most of her motor skills. She is confined to a bed and cannot really do anything or play with the gifts she has been receiving. Hannah LOVES getting cards, though. She has gotten so many and has so much fun opening them and reading them with her grandma. She is so proud of all of her cards - her room is filled.

When asked what she wanted for Christmas, Hannah said she would like to see how many Christmas cards she could get. Many people have passed along this wish to their churches, friends, prayers groups and families and I'm asking you to continue to pass on Hannah's story.

So if you have time during the holidays, and would like to help Hannah with her wish, please send her a card. Her address is:

Hannah Garman
704 Orchard Rd
Lititz, PA 17543

You can feel free to forward this to as many people as you wish. If anyone has questions, they can email me at If you want to keep up to date on Hannah and her progress, check out her Caring Bridge website at

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers especially through the holiday season.

Many blessings,

Hannah with one of her dolls.


  1. Oh bless her, and her family's, heart. Count me in!!! I will send a card right now. (the only one I'm sending by the way....I'm not doing Christmas cards this year :o( )

  2. What a precious little girl!

    I will get the boys to make some cards and hopefully get them out soon!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, that is so sad and so sweet. I just mailed her a card and will be sure to forward on the word. I hope she gets tons of cards.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Shirley. It's been quite a journey, and it has been awesome to see the letters come flooding in for her. Tonight a bunch of fire companies are bringing their trucks and bags of cards to greet Hannah at LAMS. I'll send pictures out as soon as I have some. Thanks again :)

  5. What a little sweetheart...her story reminds me of my cousin Juli and her little boy Christian who passed away under similar circumstances. I am putting a card in the mail for her tomorrow. So glad to read in your latest entry that she enjoyed the emergency vehicle Christmas card delivery.



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