Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring season sports wrap-up


Spring soccer has finished for Savannah’s team. They have learned a lot this year and have improved drastically from last fall. They won a game this spring and scored several goals in other games. Last fall, they only scored 2 the whole season, so definitely improving.


Spring baseball season finished last weekend. Hadden’s team won the tournament championship! Hadden was on the winning tournament team last year, as well, so he has 2 in a row!!  We have started the allstar season, so we are busy with practices for that.


Family photo celebrating Hadden’s win! John was the assistant coach, so he had a big part in it, too. Love my family!!

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  1. Awe...look at those kiddos! They are growing up so quickly! I LOVE Savannah's team photo. Such a nice change from typical team shots you see. And, way to go Hadden!!! :)


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