Sunday, July 8, 2012

So, here’s the story …

About a month and a half ago, someone dumped three beautiful dogs off along our road. Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently and it is very disturbing to me how someone can just leave these beautiful, sweet dogs behind and drive away expecting someone else to take care of them. Most of the neighbors back here have big hearts and love animals, so we try to care for the dogs and most of us already have multiple dogs. Someone even went to where the dogs were “staying” and dumped a big pile of dog food for them to eat to survive.
Savannah wanted to try to find homes for the dogs, so John and the kids went to take pictures of these dogs in order to make a flier to show people. On the return trip, the oldest female dog followed them home. Our pack decided they were not interested in one more dog to compete with for attention and went into attack mode. After trying unsuccessfully to return her to her herd, I locked her on the back deck to protect her from our dogs. We soon discovered she is about the sweetest dog ever and also that she was likely pregnant. Trying to find a home for any of them was futile, so I contacted a friend who runs a rescue operation and she was willing to take her in.
In the meantime, we grew kind of attached to her and started thinking how fun it would be to have a batch of puppies as this would likely be our only opportunity (since all of our females are fixed). So, we decided to keep her at least long enough to enjoy the puppies. My friend is still willing to take the puppies that we can’t find homes for and rescue them, now just at a later time.
Last Friday morning, she had the puppies – she had 10!!!!! 7 boys and 3 girls. And, can I tell you just how stinking cute they are? She is an excellent momma and takes great care of them, too.
Here is the momma dog with all 10 puppies.
Here are just the 10 puppies – we were changing out the bedding and it is easier to see all of them with the blue background.
We think we have 2 spoken for, but that leaves 8 more. If you are interested in one of them and live in Alabama (or even PA), we can certainly set you up! :) They should be ready around the end of August. She is a medium-sized dog (maybe 40 pounds) and we have no idea who the father dog is. John calls them Canardlys – in that you “can hardly” tell what they are.
It is fun to watch Savannah and Hadden enjoying the little pups. We’re all excited for their eyes to open and for them to be cuddly little squirm balls!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! They are so stinkin' cute! That was so sweet of you guys to take that dog in and how fun for your kiddos to have this experience. Maximus really likes dogs and usually blows them kisses when he hears them bark or sees them. So I am sure he would love one..haha.

    I think you missed your calling in "pre-vet." LOL

    1. Hahaha - or was that "prevent"? Maximus needs a dog and I'll bet Rob would like one, too :)

  2. Oh my goodness...I want one :)

  3. Shirley,

    Is the dog we saw when were down with the other 2 or a different one- the puppies sure are cute. I loved Hadden's picture on the pennant! Pray you are all doing well!




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