Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Recent project

On our trip west last fall, we stayed in Santa Fe, NM in a hotel downtown. It was quaint and had nice southwestern architecture and decor. I really liked the spread on the beds and thought that I might be able to make something similar. The cover was fairly light weight with a minimal amount of “quilting”. It probably helped that it was stripes and earth tones (both favorites of mine). An idea was born.

There is a fabric outlet store in PA where we bought fabric for the curtain valances in our home. So, on our trip north last fall, we went in and bought fabric for a spread for our bed. I actually really like having the spread on our bed because I can curl up in my own side of the blanket without stealing from John, but the spread that I had in my mind did not quite turn out the way I had hoped :) John still thinks my fabric choices are a bit quirky, but I actually like them. Call me crazy!


I had never worked on a project of this size, and I am not sure I would tackle something like this again. We have a king-size bed and I machine quilted approx. every six inches. This means that there was a lot of fabric and batting rolled up in order to sew towards the middle of the spread. I made it reversible, as well, and it was a lot easier to sew lines down the stripe section. That meant that I had to do half of it in the other direction, in order to avoid having most of the spread rolled up when sewing the one edge. Hopefully, that makes sense. Anyway, it was hard to keep things lined up, sewn straight and looking nice, but it is at least finished.


I made slip covers for some old pillows for some added decoration.


  1. That turned out great, Shirley! And I LOVE mixing patterns too. So fun! Good colors as well! I was thinking about this the other day and was wondering how it was coming along.

    Makes me want to do some sort of sewing project...hmmm...

  2. Good for you for tackling, and conquering, such a BIG job. Anything Santa Fe makes me happy for as you know that's where I grew up and my father's Real Estate office was right there on the plaza where you stayed.


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