Friday, February 17, 2012


We were recently asked to speak at our home church youth retreat. A dear friend offered to keep our kids while we spent the weekend with the youth which was a huge help and a blessing to be able to focus on what we were to speak about. Savannah loves to give gifts – probably even more than receiving them, so she wanted to take something special for her friends. Since they have a dairy farm, Hadden suggested cows. Appropriate, no? :)

We found a pattern at the fabric store and also found a lot of remnant fleece pieces that were perfect for stuffed cows. I helped her cut out the pieces and pin them, but she did the rest.


I thought they turned out really cute!


There were 2 bulls…


Two cows in the same color scheme as the bulls …


And two with some variations in color! She put “ear tags” on them and they had an auction to see who got which one.

It was very fun to spend time with Savannah making them and to see her excitement to be able to give them to her dear friends.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Way to go Savannah! I serisouly think she could and should sell these!!! Look out COLLEGE FUND! :)

  2. These cows are super adorable! I am impressed!


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