Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday boy and Braves/Dodgers

Last week, we celebrated Hadden’s 9th birthday! We are so thankful for the fine young man that God has blessed us with! Savannah was very helpful, also. She really enjoys making birthdays special, so she secretly made something for him (so she could surprise him), then proceeded to create an adventure. She made a scavenger hunt with clues that he had to find and then once he found all of the clues, he had to put the puzzle together to make a map. The map showed the location of the present.


Hadden has found all of the clues and is putting the pieces together. I am so thrilled that our kids ask to wrap their presents in newspaper! A couple of years ago, during the middle of building our house, it was someone’s birthday and I had NO IDEA where wrapping paper might be. Rather than buy more, I just decided to wrap their presents in newspaper. Now, it has become a favorite – love that!


Here is the finished puzzle – and LEGOS!! The boy loves legos! Bonus that we found this on clearance a couple of months ago :)

Then, on Friday, we traveled over to Atlanta for a Braves/Dodgers game. John has been a Dodgers fan for a long time and Hadden likes both the Braves and the Dodgers, so he would have been happy either way the game went. John’s Mom loved the Braves as well. It was a pretty good game and the Dodgers even pulled out the win.




We are also at the beginning of fall soccer and baseball. Someone commented on how Hadden seems to play baseball year around, and Savannah plays soccer all the time, too. For now, since those are the only sports that they are playing, they are doing both the normal and the off-season for those sports. The normal season for soccer is fall, but there is an off-season in the spring. Spring is baseball season, with fall being the off-season. Hadden also had the privilege of playing all-stars which is in the summer. All that to say … yes, they do play a lot!! :)

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  1. what fun for the birthday boy. hope it was a good day :o)



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