Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baseball update

Hadden's team is in the State playoff tournament - they are currently in the top 8 teams. They have had one loss in a double elimination tournament, so they need to win to keep playing. They will have 2 games tonight (if they win the first). Please pray that Hadden would just do his best and have fun. He has been playing really well in this tournament (which obviously makes it more fun :).


Some exciting times at the ballpark - and not necessarily the good kind. The level of competition has increased significantly and with that everyone is stepping up a notch.However, coach and fan tempers are also flaring up some and the police were called to the ballpark the other night and a coach was ejected! Unfortunately, he deserved it, and he cost his team a very important win. They are now out of the tournament as we dealt them their second loss. The only one to feel bad for is the boys who played a great baseball game.

Praying for just some good, old-fashioned, clean, fun baseball from here on out!

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  1. That is SUCH a cool shot!

    Oh my goodness...unbelievable that the police had to be called. That must have been something else!

    Praying for Hadden!

    Love ya,


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