Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday fun

We had a birthday celebration in our house yesterday – Savannah turned 10!!! She had a fun day starting with presents and ending with cake and ice cream!

Img_4660 Img_4665

Believe it or not, we do actually have wrapping paper – she chose newspaper because Hadden had newspaper :) Daddy did all of the legwork and research for her present and she LOVES it!

 Img_4668 Img_4672

She loves to do anything crafty or creative, so he thought a sewing machine would be a good choice for her. I agreed! She has been using it at every spare opportunity since yesterday :)

Daddy then cut a cute heart in the cake and served it to her. Wisely, she split it with her brother.

Ok – now we can start shopping for Christmas.


  1. I love my Brother sewing machine! Great choice!

    Happy Birthday Savannah!

    Colin's bday was last week and Elle's is today. Now we can get ready for Christmas! ;-D

  2. That's so sweet that she split her heart-shaped slice of cake with her brother. Happy Birthday, Savannah! Enjoy your sewing machine!

  3. Oh yay!!! That's an awesome gift. What are you going to make, Savannah?


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